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I am just relaxing on Sunday morning after a busy week. Much of last week was about our ‘Creative Technologies’ event which took place at Westbourne Studios on the evening of 8th December and attracted an amazing cross section of the London techmedia scene.

The evening took the form of a networking event around a small art show with artworks from Dorka Zgrzeba, Jolanta Surma and myself. The main focus was a panel discussion featuring Steve Purdham, CEO of We7, Barbara Lippe Art Director of Papermint, Simon Hopkins, Director at Unthinkable Consulting and Gregory N. Polletta, Engineer. Designer. Catalyst. Founder of GAS DESIGN. The discussion was orchestrated by our own Steve Everhard.

We had a lively debate around the impact of technology on the creative industries and on the importance of design in the modern world.

It was also a fantastic opportunity to get together an inspiring bunch of London creative entrepreneurs, encourage some interesting dialogue and generally act as a catalyst to boosting the creative industries in London.

I would like to thank my colleagues @moni_gi and @steveverhard for organising and making the event a great success. I would also like to thank all the panellists and our sponsors Rackspace and Square Group for their support.

We will be spending much of the coming week finalising our plans for  next year. We will be boosting our initiatives aimed at supporting creative entrepreneurs with a series of hands-on support services that will reduce risk to early stage ventures by offering low fixed costs. We are great advocates of bootstrapping businesses and we only believe that this can be a possibility if service providers are sensitive to the financial constraints that these early stage businesses operate under. During the course of next quarter you will see us roll out a series of initiatives under the ‘land and expand’ banner. These will target early stage businesses with pragmatic help.

On Tuesday evening I will be attending the Microsoft BizSpark christmas party at Vinopolis with @moni_gi. I hope we will get the opportunity to see some of you there.

The week started with plenty of disruption!  Monika G was snowbound in Edinburgh and the tube strike was not helping matters in London.  This made it fun trying to get to Brunel University to stand-in for Monika for the evening’s speed dating event.  However, it was well worthwhile.  I was inspired by the enthusiasm of the young entrepreneurs and it gave me faith that the London entrepreneurial scene is flourishing at the grass-roots level.

We are very eager to build links with the university community across the UK and would welcome new members to Dreamstake from this group.

On Tuesday I met up with Pragma and Ved from ThinkPlank.  These guys are inspirational and have

The venue for our great 8th December event

long been associated with the Convergence Conversations series of debates run by Intellect.  We are in discussion about running a series of debates on the London startup scene.  More about that later.

A large part of the week has been about designing the future Dreamstake service offer.  We are seeking to add value to the entrepreneurial community by offering practical services that enable the entrepreneur to get on with building the business without taking their eye off the ball.  At this stage we are interested in getting views on what these services might look like.  Please let us know!

On Friday morning I went to #tuttle run by @lloyddavis.  This weekly event, run out of a collaboration centre in Acton Street is always a brilliant place to meet creative entrepreneurs.  We had a lively debate about the true meaning of collaboration and how effective current initiatives are.  I think we all came away with the view that there is an amazing talent pool in London, so we only need to find ways to harness it effectively.

On Friday afternoon I was down at Westbourne Studios with Monika preparing for our event next Wednesday.  The venue is amazing.  It is a huge space with a funky vibe, situated below the Westway.  Doesn’t sound much but has to be experienced to be believed!!  I am looking forward to displaying some art as part of the event.

Next week will be about more event organisation, leading up to Wednesday night’s event. We are looking forward to seeing at least 100 creative entrepreneurs enter into a lively panel discussion about how technology will impact the UK’s position as a global player in the creative industries.  This is all part of our drive to help London get the recognition it deserves as a powerhouse of creativity and entrepreneurial flair.