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MeWe would like to wish all our investor friends a great summer holiday period. It is a good time to reflect on the Brexit decision and make an assessment of the implications before the next HoxTech Angels event at the end of September.

London has an extremely strong tech scene which will continue to boom over the next few years.  Tech Angel investing delivers extremely high annualised IRR in relation to most other asset classes so long as investors act responsibly and diversify risk across portfolios of quality startups. Our mission at Hoxtech Angels is to identify the best tech startups from over 1,500 on the Dreamstake platform and curate them into selected angel investors.

I would suggest that the startup investment scene was already changing before Brexit.  European tech investors had been responding to fluffiness in Silicon Valley valuations by focusing on more tangible propositions, addressing real problems and with more proof points. The Brexit decision has simply reinforced this.  Expect to see less angel investment in social and consumer apps and more going into sectors like Fintech, Healthtech and Edtech.  As far as technologies are concerned, we are on the cusp of a revolution, with the UK in a great position to exploit leadership in areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Virtual and Augmented Reality.  We can also expect to see demands from investors to see high levels of traction and lower valuations. However, to repeat a common cliché, great startups will always attract the capital they need to grow.

Blog by Paul Dowling — Co-Founder of Dreamstake the world’s first tech startup platform to match founders with the most appropriate investors using a unique startup rating system. This allows entrepreneurs and investors to monitor startup progress and inject capital and support when most needed. Startup founders can create profiles on the platform and get direct introductions to investors. We are constantly looking for great early stage tech startups. Investors please contact [email protected]

We have also recently launched an exclusive tech angel investment club in partnership with The Hoxton. HoxTech Angels will run invitation only angel investment evenings every month.

FoodTech or Internet of Food is one of the fastest growing startup categories, changing the way we find, prepare, order, ship, and consume food and beverages. Here are just a few examples of the most common trends and tech startups doing innovative things and trying to disrupt the food ecosystem.

Food Delivery

We all know the big players like Deliveroo or JustEat , who deliver us delicious dishes from local restaurants, but is there anyone helping us with grocery shopping? Here are a couple of our startups, who are trying different approaches:

Grocemania is a startup that is connecting stores to local couriers. They are highlighting the groceries on their own e-commerce platform. You can buy online and get all of it delivered by your local courier.

Caper are focusing their proposition on your current locations and quality of the shops. You can order the best groceries and get them delivered from your favourite local stores under 60 minutes.

Big data

There are also some interesting big data players in the food sector trying to collect and analyse food data:

Fuuduru is a real time, location based discovery site where users’ can discover what’s happening in food right now, from the latest food trend to what chefs, restaurants, foodies & businesses are saying. It is a great way for customers to socialise and keep up to date with new dishes, local places, but also a great data source of analytics for food businesses.

Foodi  is a tech company that aims at connecting customers and restaurateurs using mobile Apps and cloud services. Their platform allows customers to order and pay using mobile phones, and gives businesses powerful analytics and a dedicated advertising channel through which they can drive more sales.

Alternative Food Marketplaces

Imagine, that you could shop your food directly from the farmers. MarketSnapp seems to have an interesting approach for that. You can now shop from your local market online, from the comfort of your sofa. It’s an online retail platform for market & street sellers with the added benefit of Click & Collect. They offer a free platform, that helps to raise awareness for local farmers and retailers disrupting the eco system of the food trade.

Food Cooking

Cooking is a great hobby to have and was always a big movement within food tech startups. There are a few startups that are making cooking easier, healthier and faster than ever before! Imagine that you could find recipes you love in seconds and get those ingredients delivered to your door immediately. Foodzube  and Whisk are doing exactly that, which its effectively the innovative and disruptive way of cooking and a whole new way of grocery shopping!

This blog post is writen by Marina Atarova, the co-founder of Dreamstake. I mentor our startups through bootcamps and events. I also help to get them funded through our Hoxtech Angel Club. I have organised the FoodTech Funding Forum on 28.07, where I will have foodtech superstar investors and entrepreneurs debating on subjects around investment for early stage startups. Please sign up here.