#GoFundYourself: Investment Bootcamp For Tech Startups

#GoFundYourself: Investment Bootcamp For Tech Startups

Thursday, 12 January 2017 13:00 - 17:00
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Addressing, Presenting and Speaking to Angel Investors and VCs is and is not straightforward. We are organising a full day of workshops and presentations to introduce key concepts on raising capital. Whether you are raising through VCs or  angel investors, by the end of the day you'll have a better understanding of this process. 

We will have a full day of sessions from 1pm to 5pm, run by angel investors, lawyers, VCs and other funding experts, focusing on getting tech founders "investment ready". 

Are you looking for investment? Join us to learn from the experts on how to get funded!


1.00pm 'How To Get Funded'
Join our workshop to learn the funamentals of raising capital for early stage tech startups. You will learn about all the players in the market; how much ro raise and what materials to prepare. Find out how and where to identify and approach potential angel investors and what they might be looking for.

2.30pm 'Five tell tale signs your brand isn’t working'

Join for the talk to discover the most common reasons brands fail. After this talk you will be able to identify area’s where you can improve your own branding and find out the Do’s and Don’ts of brand strategy. This is very useful for startups who are:
- successful, but struggling to take their brand to the next level
- performing well, but are worried their design, branding, marketing or website is outdated
- anxious they are not getting enough new clients
- frustrated they’re failing to attract the sorts of customers they’re really after.

3.30pm 'How To Pitch in 60min' 

There’s nothing like a business pitch to sharpen the mind and heighten the nerves.  This practical workshop will explore both the physical side of pitching - giving you techniques so that you come across as confident and comfortable - as well as the verbal side - how to structure your pitch so your business idea lands and gets you noticed and remembered.


Paul Dowling Founder of Dreamstake
Paul is the CEO and co-founder of Dreamstake. He is working with the 1,000 plus startups on the platform to obtain funding from VCs and angel investors. Before launching Dreamstake Paul was a Managing Consultant with Cap Gemini and was previously involved in Business Development for Racal and Lego. He has a total of 25 years experience of tech. Dreamstake is his third startup. He has an MBA from Kingston University and is a regular speaker at startup conferences.

Marina Atarova Co - Founder of Dreamstake
Marina is an entrepreneur and mentor with 5 Years experience of working with early stage tech companies having three main areas of expertise in marketing, strategy and equity investment. As a partner in several projects, Marina has been involved in running marketing campaigns and created a network of startup leaders around the globe. She runs a series of workshops for tech founders and is a mentor in big European startup conferences and accelerators. Marina also runs a tech angel investment club and helped to raise capital to several upcoming tech stars.

Nick Ruston, Creative Director and founder of Robot Mascot. Nick has over 15 years experience in branding and advertising, working for top ten agencies such as TBWA and Euro RSCG. His projects include brand development and advertising campaigns for Jaguar, Barclays, Diesel and the British Heart Foundation. 

Edie Lush , Journalist & Communication Coach. Author 'How to Speak with Confidence in Public'.

With over a thousand TV and social media interviews under her belt, Edie knows the power of good communication - why some speeches is remembered forever while others are consigned to the paper shredder.  Passionate about the power of expression, she helps clients win investment, develop leadership skills, increase their personal impact and build stronger client relationships.  Her book, “How to Speak with Confidence in Public” was published by Macmillan in September.