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#FashHack - Fashion Tech Funding Forum

23 Feb 2017 18:30 - 21:00
Location: Campus London - a Google Space
Type: Networking Event | Price: Free
From 3d printing, retail e-commerce, virtual reality, connectivity, wearables and internet of fashionable things, technological disruption (and opportunity) is impacting Fashion industry in diverse and unprecedented ways.

FashHack.London is a mentoring and collaboration programme for early stage fashion tech companies. Entrepreneurs can attend workshops and panel discussions on relevant issues, such as investment, data optimization, proof-of-concept, technology architecture and scalability, privacy, security, and broader industry trends.

#FashHack Funding Forum is organised mainly for entrepreneurs and investors, but also for groups and organizations involved in or interested in the development and transformation of fashion through technology, innovation and entrepreneurship:

- Discover the next big names in fashion tech and the investors who drive their innovation;
- Learn about how fashion tech works now and where it’s going;

- Network with the leading fashion tech entrepreneurs and experts!

Are you trying to disrupt the Fashion industry? Follow #FashHack for Fashion Tech News and Events.

#DeepTech Funding Forum and Startup Showcase

15 Mar 2017 18:30 - 21:00
Location: Imperial White City Incubator
Type: Networking Event | Price: Free
European deep tech and the real pioneering innovation - from artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality to big data analytics and chip design - are attracting record levels of activity and investment in the past few years, according to Atomico’s report:
  • Startups focusing on deep technology raised $1.3 billion of European venture investments in 2015 from just $289 million in 2011.
  • The largest U.S. tech companies -- Alphabet Inc., Amazon.com Inc., Apple Inc., Facebook Inc. and Microsoft Corp. — are making at least one acquisition a month between the start of 2014 and the end of September 2016.
  • Technology specialists and venture capital investors are betting on the need to power more technically complicated consumer and industrial apps.

The event is organised in collaboration with the Imperial Innovations and Imperial White City Incubator. Join to learn from the leading venture capital investors and founders about ‘The Future of DeepTech’. The panel will begin with a quick introduction, followed by a 45-minute discussion covering the progression of 'Deep Technology' and its present challenges. There will be a Q&A session where the audience has a chance to ask the panellists questions.