Dreamstake Funding Forum + Startup Showcase

Dreamstake Funding Forum + Startup Showcase

Wednesday, 18 March 2015 18:30 - 21:00
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We have invited some of our amazing startup entrepreneurs to talk about their story on how they managed to raise their first big funding round.

Come to hear the funding stories and to check out about 10 of our startup exhibitors:

• Meet entrepreneurs, who are creating world-changing technology
• Share the knowledge  and network with industry thought-leaders
• Listen to the expert speakers with the range from nascent technology evangelists to venture capital veterans
• Help to bridge the gap between Entrepreneurs and the investment community


18.30 Drinks & Startup Exhibition
19.00 Intro & Presentations
20.00. Drinks & Startup Exhibition


Daniel and Joel from Grabble
Joel is ex PWC technology consultant and worked in business advisory. He set up the entrepreneurship forum there where he worked with young London based tech CEOs under 30. After that he set up an innovative advertising platform on playing cards with Daniel, and a daily deal site before turning his hand to Grabble.

Daniel is an ex creative advertising and media professional who worked with some of the top Tech brands like Intel, Amazon and Spotify on both offline creative and digital marketing strategies across the UK. He set up the "Foundrs" community in London connecting tech and creative founders to help one another with all sorts of personal and professional challenges. Daniel is also the current "UK Young Entrepreneur of the Year" as awarded by Shell.

Together they have raised over £1.2 million from Angels, secured 1,500 retailers and launched a mobile app that has been featured as "Best New App" by Apple in 34 countries.

Olga is a Co-founder and CEO of Lobster.
Russian by origin, lived in France, Norway and Germany, and started the company in London with its vibrant startup and media community. Coming from an entrepreneurial and art-centred family, Olga enjoys connecting tech, business and creativity in one to build new platforms.

Lobster is the world's honest place to find and license any social media content. We've developed a unique search for social media by multiple keywords, locations and dates at the same time. We believe that by providing the search tool Lobster increases the value of social media to everyone, creating more order and less big data chaos; while by providing the licensing function we contribute to creating the culture of rewarding social media authors and treating their intellectual property with respect. The company has raised Wayra UK accelerator investment in 2014 and closed its first angel investment round in January 2015.