#FinTech Funding Forum + Startup Showcase

#FinTech Funding Forum + Startup Showcase

Wednesday, 11 May 2016 18:30 - 21:00
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Financial technology, or fintech, is a booming industry right now, with investment flooding into companies reinventing the way we do payments, lending, investing, and more.

Valuations in the sector are also sky-rocketing as more money floods in. Many companies are now reaching the fabled "unicorn" status — the term in the tech industry for companies worth $1 billion (£640 million) or more.

We will discuss the #FinTech valuations, the unicorns and why some of them have been acquired or lost value.

Why to join:

• Meet entrepreneurs, who are creating world-changing technology
• Share the knowledge  and network with industry thought-leaders
• Listen to the experts with the range from technology evangelists to venture capital veterans
• Help to bridge the gap between FinTech Entrepreneurs and the investment community


18.30 Networking + Mini Startup Exhibition
19.00 Panel Discussion
20.00. Drinks & Mini Startup Exhibition


Pradeep Raman, Founder of Dwell, ex- VC @ Forward Partners & Piton Capital
Tone Rosingholm, Tech Angel Investor and Investment Banker
Bill Earner, Managing Partner @ Connect Ventures
Paul Dowling, Founder of Dreamstake