Build a Winning Startup Team - Basic Hiring Techniques (Workshop)

Build a Winning Startup Team - Basic Hiring Techniques (Workshop)

Tuesday, 04 June 2013 18:30 - 20:00
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Course Overview & Benefits:

This course will showcase the basics of recruiting for a technology startup. Analysing the importance of the team, the characteristics to look for in a candidate, where and how to look for talents are just few of the topics that will be debated.

The course will increase your knowledge about the recruitment process and how to build a successful team.

Course Leader:

Be Kaler has worked within digital recruitment for over 15 years. Four years ago she became co-founder of digital recruitment specialist Futureheads. Over the years, Be has helped many firms to staff up with the best digital talent – across agency, broadcast, finance, public, charity, news, entertainment – it’s an exercise in matching personalities and capabilities to specific project teams or corporate cultures. Be’s real passion is the user experience market and for the last 12 years has concentrated on nurturing talent: helping to champion and evolve the UX skillset by participating in the Usability Professional Association, consulting on universities syllabuses and most recently as a director and special adviser of BIMA.

Course structure:

Recruitment and retention in the digital industry are two key issues. Finding the right people when you are time and (potentially) a little cash poor requires a good process, due diligence and process.

Be Kaler and Craig Le Grice will talk through a good recruitment process. How to attract and secure the right talent, and partnerships for your business to be successful and have a good level of retention.

The course will include a lecture and an interactive workshop followed by Q&A.


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