#GoFundYourself: Funding Bootcamp For Startups

#GoFundYourself: Funding Bootcamp For Startups

Wednesday, 31 August 2016 13:00 - 17:00
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Addressing, Presenting and Speaking to Angel Investors and VCs is and is not straightforward. We are organising a full day of workshops and presentations to introduce key concepts on raising capital. Whether you are raising through VCs or  angel investors, by the end of the day you'll have a better understanding of this process.

We will have a full day of sessions from 1pm to 5pm, run by angel investors, lawyers, VCs and other funding experts, focusing on getting tech founders "investment ready". 

Are you planning to fundraise soon? Join us to learn from the experts on how to get funded !

1pm Law for Startups - Issues and Traps

This workshop is aimed to increase the awareness of startup legal issues and traps. It will include a ‘legal audit’ section teaching entrepreneurs how to do a legal healthcheck; case studies (where things go wrong!); and  a Q&A workshop to discuss any issues attendees want to raise.

You will learn how to evaluate legal risks and run through all the legal aspects of running a startup, incl.:

- Choosing which type of corporate vehicle to use,
- Accounting and reporting obligations;
- Shareholders agreements and articles of association;
- Legal aspects of raising finance;
- How to protect intellectual property – the basics;
- Employees and contractors; 
-How to protect your business from liability.

3pm Investment Workshop For Early- Stage Tech Startups

This workshop will demystify key concepts on raising capital and will help you to get started. Whether you are raising through VCs or  angel investors, by the end of the workshop you'll have a better understanding of this process. The sections will include:

- Introduction to raising capital for early stage tech startups
- players, incl. mentors and lawyers
- process, incl. how much ro raise and materials
- How to identify and approach potential angel investors
- Presenting to angels and what they might be looking for
- Angels vs. VC

Course Leaders:

Paul Dowling Co Founder Dreamstake

Paul is the CEO and co-founder of Dreamstake. He is working with the 1,000 plus startups on the platform to obtain funding from VCs and angel investors. Before launching Dreamstake Paul was a Managing Consultant with Cap Gemini and was previously involved in Business Development for Racal and Lego. He has a total of 25 years experience of tech. Dreamstake is his third startup. He has an MBA from Kingston University and is a regular speaker at startup conferences.

Marina Atarova Co Founder Dreamstake

Marina is an entrepreneur and mentor with 5 Years experience of working with early stage tech companies having three main areas of expertise in marketing, strategy and equity investment. As a partner in several projects, Marina has been involved in running marketing campaigns and created a network of startup leaders around the globe. She runs a series of workshops for tech founders and is a mentor in big European startup conferences and accelerators. Marina also runs a tech angel investment club and helped to raise capital to several upcoming tech stars.

Guy Wilmot Partner – Russell Cooke LLP

Guy has been a practicing lawyer for 10 years and specialises in advising entrepreneurs from start-up to exit.  Guy’s particular specialism’s include corporate affairs, commercial contracts and intellectual property with a particular focus on technology, e-commerce and IT.