#GoFundYourself: Funding Bootcamp For Startups

#GoFundYourself: Funding Bootcamp For Startups

Wednesday, 19 October 2016 13:00 - 17:00
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Tickets available: 25 (100 total)
Addressing, Presenting and Speaking to Angel Investors and VCs is and is not straightforward. We are organising a full day of workshops and presentations to introduce key concepts on raising capital. Whether you are raising through VCs or  angel investors, by the end of the day you'll have a better understanding of this process. 

We will have a full day of sessions from 1pm to 5pm, run by angel investors, lawyers and other funding experts, focusing on getting tech founders "investment ready". 

The sessions will include: 

- Introduction to raising capital for early stage tech startups
- players, incl. mentors and lawyers
- process, incl. how much ro raise and materials
- How to identify and approach potential angel investors
- Presenting to angels and what they might be looking for
- Your Tech Budget at  different stages of a startup, incl. costs, risks and options
- Intellectual Property, Patents, Protecting your Technology

- Q&A

Are you planning to fundraise soon? Join us to learn from the experts on how to get funded !


1.00pm Investment workshop for Early Stage Startups
2.30pm Intellectual Property - All you Need To Know Before Looking for Funding
4.00pm  IT Budgets and Costs - Spending Money on Tech

Course Leaders:

Gerard Chandrahasen Rational IP

Gerard Chandrahasen, Chartered/European Patent Attorney and Intellectual Property Solicitor, from Rational IP. Gerard is an industry-leading attorney who advises over 50 tech start-ups on software patents including Mind Candy and Mojang (the creators of Minecraft).

Ralph Stenzel Dreamstake
Ralph is the CTO at Dreamstake and a Senior IT management specialist with 20 years experience in technology strategy, development, project and programme management; team setup and management, outsourcing, project appraisal, feasibility and rescue. With a strategic view and the ability to communicate technical issues to a non-technical audience he is often described as “the interface between business and technology”. Ralph is especially interested in global projects involving multi-national teams and multi-language scenarios. He can also be found as mentor, hackathon judge and Hip Hop DJ.

Paul Dowling Dreamstake
Paul is the CEO and co-founder of Dreamstake. He is working with the 1,000 plus startups on the platform to obtain funding from VCs and angel investors. Before launching Dreamstake Paul was a Managing Consultant with Cap Gemini and was previously involved in Business Development for Racal and Lego. He has a total of 25 years experience of tech. Dreamstake is his third startup. He has an MBA from Kingston University and is a regular speaker at startup conferences.

Marina Atarova Dreamstake
Marina is an entrepreneur and mentor with 5 Years experience of working with early stage tech companies having three main areas of expertise in marketing, strategy and equity investment. As a partner in several projects, Marina has been involved in running marketing campaigns and created a network of startup leaders around the globe. She runs a series of workshops for tech founders and is a mentor in big European startup conferences and accelerators. Marina also runs a tech angel investment club and helped to raise capital to several upcoming tech stars.