The Perfect Pitch - The Secret To Getting Investment

The Perfect Pitch - The Secret To Getting Investment

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The Perfect Pitch - The Secret To Getting Investment

Tuesday, 03 July 2012 18:30 - 20:00
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The Perfect Pitch - The Secret To Getting Investment





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Course Overview:

You’ve spotted a customer problem. The light-bulb’s gone on and you have created a brilliant solution that is going to take the market by storm and transform many lives.

This is the foundation for your start-up business, but there’s just one problem – without investment your business isn’t going to shine!

You have a solid business model approach that is scalable and ultimately revenue generating (well maybe), and will blow your competitors away!

You are supported by a strong team so the only thing standing between you and success is securing investment funding.

Congratulations! You have just read the structure of an investment pitch outline. It’s a story – an emotional journey to secure the investment you need. If you are still unsure how to prepare one then this workshop will guide you through the process.



No background necessary. Just a brilliant start-up idea


Course Leader:

Gary Weinstein has been active in the UK business start-up scene for some years having composed a number of business plans for start-ups seeking up to £250k early stage funding, and successfully pitched for funding through a variety of channels.



This workshop will guide you through the structure and process of creating an investment pitch, and help build your confidence to enthusiastically deliver an impassioned winning pitch. 


Course structure:

During the workshop you will create a structured one-page pitch outline and some supporting presentation slides using the content from your executive summary and/or business plan, so bring along what documentation you have and your laptop.

You will have the opportunity to perform a 3-minute practice pitch and receive feedback.



Please see the video from previous DS event



Hosted by Club Workspace - the workshop is free for Club Workspace members.

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