User-Centric Product Development for Startups (Workshop)

User-Centric Product Development for Startups (Workshop)

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User-Centric Product Development for Startups (Workshop)

Tuesday, 30 October 2012 18:30 - 20:00
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Location: NAB2.08 , New Academic Bldg Chambers, London Borough of Camden, London WC2A 2AE

User-Centric Product Development for Startups (Workshop)

About Startup Academy:

The Dreamstake Academy has been launched with the mission to provide teaching and guidance of the highest academic level to startup leaders on a range of relevant topics. It is designed to complement the capabilities of startup teams by providing expert knowledge.

Course Overview:

From idea to spec in this 90 minutes! You’ll be walked through a series of user-centric tools that will bring you from vague idea to a product plan.

We’ll discuss the traditional and modern product lifecycles, how to define features, and how to prepare to measure their effectiveness

You’ll be given practical tips in planning and managing building products in a small team. By the end you’ll learn how to manage expectations both internal and externally and how to feed feedback into your product lifecycle. 

Course Leaders:

Devin Hunt ( is an interactive designer, developer, and entrepreneur, who loves bringing ideas to life. He has been creating digital products for 6 years on behalf of brands ranging from Disney to Vice Magazine. He founded a couple of companies (, a social fashion site, and, a place to connect speakers with great speaking gigs) and worked with a variety of fascinating people to build some amazing things. 

Course Structure:

The course is a mix of lecture and team work. Be ready to work your company idea.


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