Location, Location, Location - Mapping your Route to Success

Location, Location, Location - Mapping your Route to Success

Tuesday, 28 August 2012 18:30 - 22:00
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We are pleased to announce our next big event in Google Campus. Take the opportunity to network at London's hottest startup venue and have a drink, kindly hosted by Ordnance Survey. As one of the world's best known traditional mapping organisations, they now also help developers to access a vast wealth of resources available as open data and free consultancy. 


18:00 Welcome drinks

Introduction – Jim Ivimey & Paul Dowling

Ian Holt, Developer Programme Manager – Ordnance Survey

OS Open Data – Location-based open data and how to use it

Ian will cover the access to public location-based open data made available from Ordnance Survey and how it can open the use of other open data. He will give some examples of its successful use in building location-based applications.

About Ian:

Ian Holt is the Developer Programme Manager at Ordnance Survey. In this role he is responsible for encouraging and stimulating the use of OS OpenData and OS OpenSpace. In addition, he is a member of the GeoVation team, actively promoting innovation through the use of geography. He has over 15 years experience in the geospatial industry and has spent a good part of his career developing enterprise geospatial solutions for utilities, communications, and public organisations.  


About Ordnance Survey:

In 1791, under threat of a French invasion, the Government realised the South Coast of England needed to be accurately mapped. This led to the mapping of the whole country in detail, and the founding of Ordnance Survey.

Today Ordnance Survey is a dynamic, self-financing £120-million-a-year civilian organisation. We’re at the forefront of the digital economy, producing digital mapping products and paper maps for business, leisure, administrative and educational use. We are still part of the UK Government, but we cover our costs by selling our products and licensing others to use our data.

We are perhaps best known for our paper maps, but it is digital mapping data that accounts for around 90% of our business.

As 80% of all information collected in Britain has some geographic feature to it – from the location of people, buildings, and postcodes to administrative boundaries – the potential for linking and analysing different sets of information is enormous.

Our current workforce is around 1,200 people, 300 of which are surveyors. They constantly measure and record the changing British landscape making over 5 000 changes a day to our database of almost half a billion features.

Our Open Innovation Programme provides a range of mapping data available for free to foster innovation and encourage government transparency. Anyone from entrepreneurs and web developers to ramblers can download data from the OS OpenData service to help them build applications underpinned by geography.

We also offer free access to our mapping through the web mapping API OS OpenSpace. It is an easy way to get Ordnance Survey mapping embedded in a website or online application, with the ability to plot routes, pan and zoom through mapping scales and search via place names or postcodes. There is even a Web Map Builder service which removes the need to write a single line of code.

The final piece of our open innovation programme is GeoVation – an initiative set up to provide seed funding for sustainable business ventures based on geography. GeoVation helps entrepreneurs and developers bring their map-based ideas to life by running themed challenges. Each challenge aims to encourage ideas with a social, environmental or economic benefit, and culminates in a ‘Dragons’ Den’ style showcase where shortlisted entrants go head-to-head to secure investment.


James Pursey, Head of Marketing – Sorted

James will talk about how location has influenced local business in general over the years, from the classic Yellow Pages through to location based applications like Sorted.

About James:

James Pursey is a young, passionate and hungry entrepreneur with experience in the student markets. Whilst at University he created a number of student targeted nightlife orientated companies with some success. Since graduating, James has worked at 2 startups including a VC backed student nightlife company helloU.com. With a strong pedigree in marketing and sales, he heads up the marketing side of Sorted, as well as rolling his sleeves up to help with customer engagement, UX and product design. 

About Sorted:

Sorted is a localised mobile marketplace application where users can get anything they want, from people local to them. Essentially its a platform upon which users can buy and sell anything that comes to mind, be that specific products, tasks/services or experiences. Sorted is available in the form of native applications on iPhone & Android devices, with a fully integrated website coming soon. tinyurl.com/SortedAndroidApp



Sadiq Quasim, Director of Marketing - LoYakk

How can tangible benefits and value be delivered to the consumer via location based services?

One of the questions that Sadiq keeps asking himself is:

How can location based services deliver tangible benefits and value to the end consumer in a streamlined manner?

The current array of location based services provides value driven by the product or supplier ... not much is directly given to the end consumer …this is Sadiq’s view after extensive research.

Sadiq has been part of developing a service that tries to address some of the shortcomings ... the talk will try and put the gaps that he sees within the current models and how they might be addressed.

About Sadiq:

Sadiq Quasim has had an extraordinary career helping businesses realise the value of great technology. He has developed enterprise-wide IT strategies at major central government organizations like the Cabinet Office, TfL and The DWP and as well as leading blue chip companies like EDS, CSC and Bupa.

Innovative thinking has been the hallmark of Sadiq’s career. He is currently a proud member of the LoYakk executive team, helping this unique start-up grow into a catalyst, to transform the very basis of our real-life social interactions, all on a global scale.

Sadiq’s vision empowers people to customise social media to suit their interests. Imagine being able to instantly connect to other people, on your terms, who share your sense of community, both locally and abroad.

In his role as Director of Marketing, Sadiq has been challenged to convey our intrinsic human need for meaningful connections into the complexities of digital social media, making the human person relevant again and helping to reestablish ourselves as members of a true global community.

About LoYakk:

LoYakk bridges the gap between impersonal social posting activity and real-word connections; connections that are fluid, dynamic and a part of our most valued human experience. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x_1AOgku12Y


Craig Wareham, ViewRanger

ViewRanger: mapping an appy path to success

About Craig

Craig Wareham is co-founder and CEO of Augmentra Ltd, the company behind ViewRanger. Before founding Augmentra in 2006, Craig led marketing and development teams in start-up high-growth technology companies within the visual computing market – film effects, animation, and industrial design. He worked around the world with organizations as diverse as animated film studios, including Warner Bros and Dreamworks, industrial designers, automotive design studios, and architect practices, helping them apply groundbreaking computing technology to advance their creative processes. He once appeared on BBC Tomorrow’s World – though is thankful that the clip isn’t available on YouTube.

About ViewRanger

ViewRanger is the app for adventure – where the world comes to discover, create, navigate and share their outdoor adventures on smartphones, on tablets, and online. Used by active outdoor consumers worldwide, ViewRanger is also trusted by search & rescue teams and other outdoor professionals. ViewRanger combines an advanced location-based app with an interest-based social network and an open digital content marketplace.

ViewRanger has achieved Number 1 Best-Selling app status (across all categories) on Apple iPhone and #1 Best Grossing app within the Navigation category on iTunes appstore in more than eight countries. The app has also achieved multiple #1 rankings on Google Play and Nokia OVI appstores. In 2012 ViewRanger was the Appy Award winner for Best Mapping/Location App.

ViewRanger pioneered the concept of outdoor gps navigation on smartphones - going back to the delivery of the company’s first “app” in Spring 2006, and have built mobile tourism applications for brands including the Automobile Association and for Ordnance Survey Ireland. www.viewranger.com


Tim Buick, CEO – Proximate (StreetPin) Ltd

Leading a new start up in the location-based mobile arena

One of the most impressive upward curves in the technology business these days is the adoption of Smartphones, and with the huge pressure on the likes of Apple and Google to dominate the market, the technology keeps getting better, cheaper and hence more widely utilised.

As it becomes second nature to check these Smartphones on the move for the latest 140 characters, directions to the pub, offer on a haircut or to announce your arrival, one of the biggest game-changers is the ability to filter the huge amount of potential data by location, determined automatically by the handset. Latest stats from Google say that 40% of mobile searches are for local information; this is one trend that is set to soar. 

Tim is in no way pretending to know it all, but will give an open snapshot of his learnings while leading a new start up in the location-based mobile arena. He provides his interpretation of the market at large and an overview of how he and his team are planning to become a major player in the field.

About Tim: 

Tim Buick is currently Global Web Manager at a travel company by day, CEO at Proximate Ltd (StreetPin) by night. He has 12 years+ web experience, and a background firmly within the creative build and delivery of online/mobile projects. He also ran several start-up companies includinga hospitality and software company, online wedding gift company & alcoholic fruit juicecompany. His new startup,StreetPin is the culminationof hisexperienceand vision to date.



OS Labs

Innovation and a glimpse into the future at Ordnance Survey

Drinks and Pizza

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