Building the bridge -SV investor meet hot European Startup!

Building the bridge -SV investor meet hot European Startup!

Tuesday, 25 September 2012 18:00 - 22:00
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Dreamstake goes on the mission to Silicon Valley for the whole month of September. We are organising this unique event together with our friend Twilio to bang the drums about the whole ecosystem in Europe and it's winning startups!

If you are into European startups and currently in San Francisco - this is the event for you! The hotspots on the other continent, especially London, are buzzing with activity. Some off the emerging startups will be coming over to the Valley for funding others will stay back home. Either way, many of them are undervalued and undiscovered, thus representing great investment opportunities.

We will showcase a handful of startups; you will also hear from Fitzandlaw and find out why London is a great startup hotspot.


Paul Dowling (CEO of Dreamstake)

Paul Dowling is founder of London based, an internet peer-to-peer platform that supports early stage European startups through to funding. The platform was launched in April 2012 and has 7000 members. Entrepreneurs can find or join as founders, co-founders or team members. Startups get visibility through a unique rating system which is calculated by an algorithm based on maturity and hence fundability. Startup rating can be improved by different activities on the platform. Once the startup is investment ready it will be introduced to suitable investors. The vision is to create the most comprehensive database of European startups and link with top quality global investors.

Jack Smith (Co-Founder of Vungle)

Jack and Zain moved to San Francisco to take part in an incubator called AngelPad, here is how the press describes their journey:  "Jack Smith and Zain Jaffer, cofounders of mobile advertising startup Vungle, went from an idea to $2 million in funding, seemingly overnight." - Forbes "I hear the word “hustle” used a lot. Probably 10 times a day. It seems to be everyone’s new favorite word... Vungle’s co-founders are just about the biggest (actual) hustlers I’ve ever met." - PandoDaily

Josef Dunne and Mayel de Borniol (Founders of Babelverse)

The founders of Babelverse, the universal translator for the spoken word powered by people, are avid globetrotters. A mix of nationalities and languages, they are adamant in building a global company. After living in Greece (where it all started), they moved to Chile for 6 months to participate in the Start-Up Chile incubator program. After spending some time in Paris, Buenos Aires, Athens, London and Berlin, growing their international reach and getting to know the local ecosystems, they finally ended up in San Francisco. They’ll talk about their story and the reasons behind this choice.

Melissa Harkcom (Director of Fitzgerald and Law)

Melissa provides proactive professional advice and services to US headquartered companies seeking to globalise their businesses. Services include Accounting, Taxation, HR, Payroll, Benefits, Expatriate Tax, Legal and IT in the UK, the US and most of the world. She will be talking about the challenges and opportunities facing startups looking to cross the “bridge” in either direction and providing practical tips relevant to both European and US companies.

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Please note: the event is free of charge, but invite only.