Marketing For Investment - Secure Your Early Stage Funding (Workshop)

Marketing For Investment - Secure Your Early Stage Funding (Workshop)

Tuesday, 20 May 2014 18:30 - 20:00
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Dreamstake Academy is an education and mentorship program that provides ‘wantrepreneurs’ and early-stage startup teams with the knowledge, insights, tools and support to refine their ideas, develop a business model, set-up their business, take it to market, and create the foundations and conditions to scale for sustainable growth.

Marketing For Investment - Secure Your Early Stage Funding

Course Overview:

The Marketing for Investment workshop is for entrepreneurs and startup teams who are not only looking to successfully secure early-stage funding, but also identify and attract investment partners who fit with their style and beliefs, buy into their vision, and who can add significant value through advise, insights and connections, beyond merely providing cash.

 Course Leader:

John Webb is Cloud Marketing Director for leading web hosting provider Rackspace, having previously led Marketing at Rockstar Games (Grand Theft Auto, Max Payne, Red Dead Redemption), Yahoo! and Heinz. John devises integrated, insight-driven marketing strategies for businesses in high-growth sectors driving brand relevance, engagement and value across the customer journey to maximise ROI, sales and customer experiences. He blogs on marketing strategy and innovation at; you can follow him on Twitter @WebbJS , LinkedIn, or on Dreamstake.

Most people approach gaining investment as a short-term endeavor, largely centered around the creation and delivery of a presentation deck. Yet the chances of you getting the opportunity to deliver that directly to an investor, and especially the right kind of investor for your business, are remote at best and sole-destroying at worst.

In reality, the ones who secure investment faster, to a greater value and through partners who respect and support their businesses, are those who understand that gaining investment is a campaign. You have to market yourself and your business, not just with the words that you use in a presentation, but also the activities and tactics that get you on investors' radars, drive them to engage with you, convert them into meaningful backers, and then work with you to secure follow-on investment to grow your business. Using marketing insights and practices you can thereby shorten your time to investment and build ongoing relationships with individuals and organizations who will be the best fit for you, and who will help to guide you to greater heights.

Course Structure:
The Marketing for Investment workshop provides a proven formula for constructing, preparing, and delivering a winning investment ‘campaign’, guaranteed to gain funding quicker, at a higher level, and from stronger caliber, more valuable investment partners. Based on insights from startups who have successfully secured significant funding rounds, together with thought leadership from entrepreneurs and leaders within the global startup community, the techniques, practices and principles presented have been demonstrated to deliver results.