B2B Sales for Startups (Workshop)

B2B Sales for Startups (Workshop)

Tuesday, 10 March 2015 13:00 - 15:00
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DREAMSTAKE ACADEMY is an education and mentorship program that provides ‘wantrepreneurs’ and early-stage startup teams with the knowledge, insights, tools and support to refine their ideas, develop a business model, set-up their business, take it to market, and create the foundations and conditions to scale for sustainable growth.

B2B Sales for Startups

While there’s a lot of talk among entrepreneurs and startups about disrupting the old tech giants like Microsoft, IBM, Oracle and IBM, there’s one thing where those elephants can actually teach startups a thing or two. Namely, how to sell thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars worth of of services and products.

How many face-to face-meetings result in a sale?
How many face-to-face sales meetings are well-qualified?
How well can you close?
How good is your sales pipeline?
If you are asking these questions, this sales workshop is highly recommended. You will understand how to sell, how sales is a precise and repeatable science, and how sales can be executed with predictable outcomes. 

Course Leader:

John Webb
European B2B Marketing Director at Samsung Electronics. Previously John worked as the Director for Startups, Developers & Investors at leading web-hosting company Rackspace, and led Marketing at Rockstar Games (Grand Theft Auto), Yahoo! and Heinz, amongst others. John is also the founder of Get2Growth which supports startups and early-stage businesses with Marketing to enable them to craft their stories, build a brand, go-to-market, gain traction and drive real, sustainable customer and revenue growth.