User-Centric Product Development for Startups (Workshop)

User-Centric Product Development for Startups (Workshop)

Tuesday, 21 April 2015 15:00 - 17:00
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Dreamstake Academy is an education and mentorship program that provides ‘wantrepreneurs’ and early-stage startup teams with the knowledge, insights, tools and support to refine their ideas, develop a business model, set-up their business, take it to market, and create the foundations and conditions to scale for sustainable growth.

Course Overview:

Most startups fail because they scale before finding product-market fit and/or problem-solution fit. This session is a hands-on introduction to applying tried and tested User Experience (UX) techniques within Lean Startup frameworks to help you find problem-solution fit early and quickly. Whether you are just starting out on an idea, looking to pivot to a new idea or wanting to validate your current project idea, the session will provide you with the knowledge of tools to test your hypotheses with real users and build confidence to move forward.

Course Leaders:

Sheen Yap 
is a lean evangelist, product strategist and UX expert with 18-years' experience in the digital space. He had previously led UX teams for Geonomics & INQ Mobile in the UK, as well as 3 Mobile, FOXTEL and Fairfax in Australia. More recently, he has co-created the mobile link sharing app Circula, as well as working directly with startups such as Grabble, Dreamstake, Provenance, Tonguesten, in applying Lean and UX techniques.


This session will provide you with knowledge of the following:

Understanding the importance of problem-solution fit;
How to better qualify your ideas;
Structuring ideas into assumptions and falsifiable hypothesis;
Constructing experiments to research problems-solution fit;
Perform customer interviews to get feedback;
Gaining insights through analysis;
Decision making process for next steps;

Course Structure:

The course is a mix of lecture, workshop and Q&A. Be ready to work your company idea.


Kieran Fitzsimons
Doesn't seem to be a not attending option once signed up, cannot make it tonight sorry.
Kieran FitzsimonsKieran Fitzsimons on Tuesday, 29 July 2014 09:51

Finally found the cannot attend button, not very obvious ;)

1330 days ago
Cindy Ahura
I am eagerly looking forward to attending Sheen's session. Met him and his knowledge and insight on the topic (and others) are clearly indisputable.
1447 days ago