Intellectual Property - Protect your Idea (Workshop)

Intellectual Property - Protect your Idea (Workshop)

Tuesday, 19 May 2015 15:00 - 17:00
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DREAMSTAKE ACADEMY is an education and mentorship program that provides ‘wantrepreneurs’ and early-stage startup teams with the knowledge, insights, tools and support to refine their ideas, develop a business model, set-up their business, take it to market, and create the foundations and conditions to scale for sustainable growth.


Intellectual Property - Protect your Idea

Course Overview&Benefits:


This course will provide a background to intellectual property (IP) issues for start-ups.

The course will explain how founders can develop and protect their IP to obtain growth, investment, and trade sale of their business. The course will include examples of businesses that have used IP to maximise their acquisition value.

Course Leaders:

Gerard Chandrahasen, Chartered/European Patent Attorney and Intellectual Property Solicitor, from Rational IP

We’re lucky to have Gerard Chandrahasen, a Chartered Patent Attorney and Software Patent Specialist from Rational IP , to run this lecture for tech startups. Gerard is an industry-leading attorney who advises over 50 tech start-ups on software patents including Mind Candy and Mojang (the creators of Minecraft).

Course structure:

Scheduled teaching session will include a lecture and an interactive workshop covering a case study. In addition there are designated coaching sessions for groups to review their particular development issues and challenges.

Course Plan:

  1. A lecture covering:

  • What is intellectual property?

  • Making your intellectual property "investment-ready"

  • Creating and protecting your brand

  • How to protect new ideas

  • How to patent software

  1. A workshop covering a case study in intellectual property



Jose Maria Sanchez Henares
Looks fab, looking forward to this.
1128 days ago