How Investor ready are we??

Do you have a dream to create that unique product/service? Is your product/service nearly market ready? All you now need is the money to roll it out.

At Dreamstake we are committed to help startups. As our next step we have introduced a new service "DreamPlan". It is a service where our experts will guide you through the 'not so easy' parts of making your project attractive to investors.

Our team is experienced in writing successful, high quality tailored business plans including due diligence. They have worked on the investors side and know exactly what they are looking for.

So here’s the plan

  • Upload your business plan (Word, Excel, PDF, or just a few scanned copies of your working sheets).
  • Our experts will do an in depth analysis of the plan and verify its completeness and gauge how investor ready it is.
  • Our experts will come back to you with a high level analysis of how complete/investor ready the project is – a free service to Dreamstake members.
  • You can then choose to subscribe for the premium service of Dreamplan to make it investor ready. This would include:
    • Face - to - face consultation with our experts who understands your specific needs and will work together with you on the solution.
    • A completed investor - ready business plan
    If you don’t have a business plan at all, you can subscribe to our business plan writing service.
    This would include:
    • Face - to - face consultation with our expert who will understand your business in detail and take all the inputs required to get your plan together.

We are also offering our guidance in finding investment for your project. We will work with you to understand your specific needs and approach the best sources of funding on your behalf.

We understand and appreciate the need for confidentiality. All the data that you share with us will be dealt appropriately.

So go ahead upload your plan using the form below and take one step closer to your dream... You can also contact us here.