DreamStake has partnered with Rational Intellectual Property to deliver
Intellectual Property Services for Startups

You have developed a great idea. What next? Protect it!

New technologies can often be protected with patents.

A patent can be used to prevent competitors from copying your ideas.

Investors will frequently look to see if your technology is protected before investing, because why should they sink in money if someone else can simply copy the idea.

Rational Intellectual Property is a team of patent and trade mark attorneys with experience in obtaining great patent protection for startups.

The process

We will sit down with you for a free 30 minute consultation to identify what IP issues you might have, and we will provide you with an IP strategy broken down by time and cost.

Our areas of expertise

  • Obtaining patents in UK, Europe, and worldwide
  • Advising on avoiding infringement of other companies’ trade marks
  • Obtaining trade marks in UK, Europe, and worldwide
  • Preventing competitors from using your brands
  • Avoid infringing other companies’ trade marks

In the last six months we have filed patent applications in the following areas:

Mobile applications, cryptography, cloud computing, advertising, healthcare, construction, education software

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