Do you need help finding the right technology and resources to implement your idea ?

Do you need help with technical feasibility, planning, management and costings ?

Acting as the "interface between business and technology", we can help you to achieve your goals by assisting you to evaluate, set up, manage, sense-check and streamline your technical requirements, project and team.

There is often a disconnect between business requirements and what is understood and delivered by technical resources - due to lack of communication and insufficient technical management. This can occur in any kind of environment, from small to large teams and organisations, with internal, external and outsourced technical resources, in startups and established companies. This can lead to delays in delivery, additional costs, frustration, and ultimatively failure of your idea, product, service or entire company.

With diverse project experience working with companies ranging from startups to big corporate environments we know what works and what doesn't, and can contribute the senior technology know-how to turn your vision into reality, taking the most efficient and appropriate route for your project and environment.

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