Startup Skill Swap

Try the most efficient way to resource your startup. Just state what you need help with and what you can provide in return. We will show your request on the activity feed and make suggestions where possible. We have kept it ultra-simple for now. Give it a go....
  • Steve can offer `Co-Founder CTO position` in return for `Sharp Data sientist PhD Level / Lead Java developer`
    We have global Venture embedded in an R&D cross University Projekt on Learning BigData Networks. We have a validated MVP which is now taken to the next level with a cross disciplinary team. Being part of a Global Incubator I also offer Startup Coaching (Business Development) and Project / Strategic Program Management (>19 Years Experience).  
    Posted on 07 February 2016
  • Evangelo Panagi can offer `Testing / Quality Assurnace` in return for `Online Marketing / Growth Hacker`
    Looking for savvy marketer who can assist with setting up and running campaigns in exchange for Consulting in any of your software quality assurance woes. 
    Posted on 26 October 2015
  • Carole Watson can offer `Funding,Business Plan Writing, Financial Planning. Strategic Planning` in return for `Graaphic design; help with social media`
    We offer help sourcing finance for small business owners - startup finance, working capital, equipment & assets and commercial premises. www.mybusinessloanadviser.com. Our services include business plan writing, coupled with strategic planning and financial forecasting, all of which are required to woo lenders or angel investors. We facilitate the whole package or support with aspects of the process. We’re looking for on-going help with graphic design/formatting for intellectual property, and/or 
    Posted on 25 August 2015
  • Denis R can offer `equity` in return for `MBA business developer`
    We are a team of very skilled and experienced coders and project managers and are working for two years on an innovative platform that will change the rules in startup business. One profile is missing in our director board: an experienced international business developer with a strong background in business funding process and startup ecosystem. Your profile is matching: contact me please.  
    Posted on 28 June 2015
  • Dipti can offer `adasd` in return for `SEO Freelancer`
    Posted on 26 June 2015
  • Marialuisa Maramotti can offer `Business Planning` in return for `Magento Expert`
    Former VC Investment Manager offers Business Modeling and Planning services in exchange for equivalent time spent on personalising and troubleshooting existing Magento e-commerce website 
    Posted on 19 June 2015
  • Alisa Dash can offer `Mentorship` in return for `Junior Developer`
    We are a group of four (2 designs and 2 developers) currently working on an idea we all believe in called Fhellow. Fhellow is a social network for independent workers. Easily find fellow freelancers, location independent entrepreneurs and digital nomads working in your local area. Chat, discuss projects, share ideas over a coffee, collaborate, meet for afterwork drinks and start creating your own work community. We are looking for a junior developer to help us in launching the mvp. S 
    Posted on 17 June 2015
  • Stuart Spencer can offer `Programming & Developmet` in return for `Equity and Payment`
    I can program & develop websites, games, apps and do design. I have skills in many areas of media such as graphics, modelling, texturing, music, sound design and video. 
    Posted on 15 June 2015
  • Philippe Nadouce can offer `Translation into French and Spanish` in return for `Mobile phone IT specialist`
    Duties will involve working with our IT engineer to enhance the websites for Mobile device use. This will involve testing, HTML coding and designing web pages / experiences for Mobile devices. The intention being to enhance the overall user experience on mobile devices. This work will be data driven and the effects of all enhancements / changes made to the mobile content will be analysed and reviewed in real-time.  
    Posted on 05 June 2015
  • Imeobong Utuk can offer `Equity swap for stake in proposed new venture` in return for `Web designer/ Software Coder`
    Ideate 360 has a website www.ideate360.com , and further aims to expand its business via a proposed online marketplace www.dezign4us.com , that aims to match customers and client requirements for high quality design , engineering , and manufacturing services to highly talented professionals , freelancers as well as firms with proven manufacturing and construction capabilities. The business is currently looking at giving away a percentage of equity in exchange for investment with Ideate 360 Li 
    Posted on 19 May 2015
  • Cindy Stevens can offer `Shares` in return for `Artificial Intelligence expert`
    I am looking for artificial intelligence to compliment my concept of dream analysis linked to spirituality and 'bots'. www.navigatingmanifestations.com 
    Posted on 16 May 2015
  • Joseph (Chase) McGinnis can offer `Network Engineering Specialization` in return for `Specialized IT `
    Looking for specialized Server Engineers, database engineers, and any other specialized IT engineer for start-up in providing monitoring solutions and network clean up to companies. 
    Posted on 09 May 2015
  • Celine Issitt can offer `Digital Comms advice` in return for `Crowdfunding mentoring`
    Looking for a mentor to help and advise our first round of crowdfunding. In return I am able to give adivse on all matters concerning digital comms and help develop a strategy. 
    Posted on 01 May 2015
  • Celine Issitt can offer `Digital Comms advice` in return for `Advice on App Dev`
    I am looking for someone who can advise me on best practise for developing a shopping app. In return I can give advice on any aspect of digital comms 
    Posted on 01 May 2015
  • Celine Issitt can offer `Social Media Consultanting` in return for `PR agency`
    I'm looking for a PR agency willing to offer a monthly service in return for my skills in digital comms consulting. Helping troubleshoot your clients digital comms strategy, helping set-up digital comms, creative input or just CM work. 
    Posted on 23 April 2015
  • Fran can offer `Equity` in return for `WebDesigner`
    Im looking for a web designer in return for equity for a start up. I have the idea ready to go. Please get in touch.  
    Posted on 22 April 2015
  • Farid Bouakline can offer `Vabble communty of 450 bright people are to be part to your journey` in return for `Companies/startup willing to share their current challenges, concerns or even an open questions directly related to their business`
    Vabble, is a Collaborative Talent Management Technology that allows companies to identify, upskill and engage talents online. On Vabble, companies share and mutualize projects, case studies, knowledge and resources with high potential talents. Students, graduates, young professionals can finally prove, improve and showcase their real skills, beyond CV. Contact me through [email protected] to get further information 
    Posted on 22 April 2015
  • Farid Bouakline can offer `Vabble communty of 450 bright people are to be part to your journey` in return for `Companies/startup willing to share their current challenges, concerns or even an open questions directly related to their business`
    Vabble, is a Collaborative Talent Management Technology that allows companies to identify, upskill and engage talents online. On Vabble, companies share and mutualize projects, case studies, knowledge and resources with high potential talents. Students, graduates, young professionals can finally prove, improve and showcase their real skills, beyond CV. Contact me through [email protected] to get further information 
    Posted on 22 April 2015
  • Leonid can offer `The organization of production of the stone blocks and manufacture of the facing stone materials on the basis of the South-Chelotuy deposit of granite` in return for `We are interested in partners for the project and are willing to cooperate constructively.`
    The organization of production of the stone blocks and manufacture of the facing stone materials on the basis of the South-Chelotuy deposit of granite. The total investment-12 millions $. The needs of the project for investment capital $ 10,6 million. Payback period-6 years. As a result of realization of this investment project is planned to organize the industrial production of the stone blocks (1stage) and manufacture of the facing stone materials (2 stage). Planned capacity of the en 
    Posted on 15 April 2015
  • Sunny P can offer `Sales / Marketing / Business Development expertise` in return for `Innovative startups who can benefit from top caliber Sales/Business Development efforts`
    Am a consultative sales professional with 30+ years of sales and business development selling high-tech solutions and services within the SME and FTSE 100 sectors. Built motivated sales teams and launched successful operations, developed profit centers from scratch. Have launched several new and emerging concepts which required evangelical selling and creating compelling value propostions. Looking to get together with interesting start-ups as a co-founder to launch and develop the "next b 
    Posted on 13 April 2015
  • Purvi Patel can offer `Commission for sale` in return for `Business Developer to assist in Designing services`
    I am a Graphic designer and Branding specialist and also work as social media planner and designer. I would love to connect with individuals who can assist in bringing clients. The same will be paid via commission to the Business Developer through Pay pal.  
    Posted on 01 April 2015
  • Chris Saunders can offer `99% of company until money's returned then down to 30%` in return for `£90k - £100k for trucks and vsns`
    Got BIG contract waiting to be signed, need new tricks and vans to start this, guaranteed big returns in first year, contract for 2 years rolling. Will sign over 99% of my company, then when all money plus more returned the equity reduced to 30%.  
    Posted on 01 April 2015
  • Eunice Oweifaware can offer `will 10 percent equity` in return for `£30.00 Investment`
    I am going into a health care industry and is looking for funding for this new business. 
    Posted on 31 March 2015
  • Eunice Oweifaware can offer `will 10 percent equity` in return for `£30.00 Investment`
    I am going into a health care industry and is looking for funding for this new business. 
    Posted on 31 March 2015
  • Greg Bakos can offer `I can help with website planning things, what the best platform is for your idea.` in return for `Some help with business plan documentation`
    Posted on 20 March 2015
  • Sarah Jossel can offer `10% Equity - Negotiable` in return for `Wed Developer and SEO specialist`
    TooBigForThat is an exciting E-commerce site that sells new and perfect condition second-hand designer childrens clothes at hugely discounted prices. It is also a trusted platform where users can earn money on the clothes their kids have outgrown or raise money for a charity of their choice. Our site is built on a Magento platform. We need someone creative and brilliant to make regular updates, transform it into a mobily friendly site, improve google rankings and all other ideas welcome.  
    Posted on 18 March 2015
  • michael miller can offer `10% of business and co founder status, currently in partnership with Fitness First the biggest gym in the United Kingdom.` in return for `Equity Investor £15,000`
    Here at Spartans Shakes & Steaks we are looking for a small £15,000 invesment for a 10% equity stake in our business. We have recently gained partnership with Fitness First Portsmouth and also Southsea Fitness Festival. Our company is a whole new way to the fast food industry we offer healthy high protein meals suited to our customers. Our targets are people who are physically active and anybody wanting to be more healthy. contact me if any further interest of questions. Mr Michael Miller. 
    Posted on 17 March 2015
  • Daniel Petrov can offer `Share in the company/Project management/Design` in return for `Cofounder/Investor/Back End Developer`
    I am working on a business Idea which is on a stage of Building a web platform. I need a small investment to pay for the development which will be most likely done on Magento. I am looking for an investor or a cofounder with marketing/sales/programming skills to work together on this project and offering a share of the business. 
    Posted on 09 March 2015
  • Nick Brackenbury can offer `Co-Founder Status and equal equity` in return for `Lead Mobile / Platform Developer`
    We have an opportunity for an ambitious, awesome lead developer to join the team as our third co-founder. We are changing the local e-commerce market, helping small local shops keep up with the big digital selling giants of the online retail world. Our eyes are peeled for a developer with epic front-end creds and a good understanding of back-end development, with a particular speciality in mobile apps. We're moving quickly, and the leadership you'll bring to the technical front will help take  
    Posted on 08 March 2015
  • Philippos Beveratos can offer `Business Development` in return for `CTO`
    For Tourism and leasure related application  
    Posted on 19 February 2015
  • DM Kayondo can offer `Finance, Strategy, Project Management, Investment Advisory` in return for `CTO, IT Software Dev expertise`
    I can offer investment, strategy, business plan, project management and finance advisory in return for CTO expertise i.e. SaaS, Front End, Back End, Graphic, UX & Web Design for a new fintech software. Plus Equity % as a cherry-on-top!  
    Posted on 02 February 2015
  • Matt Higgins can offer `Either equity, or a performance-based salary` in return for `Sales and Marketing focused co-founder`
    I'm a technical guy, and I've spent a while building a useful product, which I'm ready to start selling. To try and avoid external money for now, I'm looking for a co-founder to take a slice of the business in exchange for taking responsibility for recruiting and converting new customers. No technical skills are needed, just knowledge of how to sell to businesses in the UK and US, and determination to succeed. Once there is revenue, I'd be happy to talk about a salary. 
    Posted on 01 February 2015
  • Irma Gilbert can offer `Equity` in return for `Backend and Frontend Software developer`
    We are a start up at an early stage of our development. Our project is to build an ecosystem for collaboration in product design and manufacturing, that connects creators, makers and customers in a global scale. We are looking for a backend and frontend web developer to help us with the product, experience complex IT Architecture . We are ideally looking for someone who shares our passion for advanced manufacturing such as 3D printing. Working hours are flexible and you can work from home. 
    Posted on 01 February 2015
  • Terrell Lowry can offer `Co founder/Equity` in return for `Funding/Crowdfunding/Angel Investor Assistance`
    I have a business that is in start up mode, I need help with funds https://gust.com/companies/way-of-the-wounded-healer 
    Posted on 27 January 2015
  • Michael Zhao can offer `Equity/CoFounder Status/CTO status/Slice of profits` in return for `Full time/Part time iOS Programmer/Cocos2dx programmer/Box2D`
    I'd like to add an iOS/Android programmer to my team. Either full time or part time depending on your availability. Part time is perfect for those who have day jobs! In return, you'll receive Co-founder/CTO status/equity and a slice of profits. If interested, please PM me or find me on linkedin.  
    Posted on 01 January 2015
  • Kay Seljeseth can offer `Equity and international market scope` in return for `Co-founder / sales executive`
    HybridCheckout is a patented and brand new type of grocery/supermarket checkout. It allows for a faster and better customer experience, while reducing the retailers cost with about 50%. A prototype has been built and we are discussing to install pilots in Norwegian stores. We are seeking a resource that may do sales activities in UK (and other markets) and thereby allow for pilot installations and subsequent deliveries. More information: www.hybridcheckout.com and blog.hybridcheckout.com  
    Posted on 05 November 2014
  • Jerome Luke Brown can offer `Digital Marketing, Merchandising and Project Management professional skills` in return for `Founding group membership`
    Eager to help and join an inspiring group of founders as a business and ecommerce professional. Immersed in family retail business and technology since a very young age, my professional development route has taken me through 6 years of focus and excellence in providing marketing, merchandising and project management on e-commerce platforms to the masses developing strong B2C and B2B perspective along the way I have taken advantage of opportunities to develop in organisation through intra 
    Posted on 22 October 2014
  • Lukas Fritz can offer `Management Consulting, Project Management, 15 years in TV/Video business` in return for `Membership in founding group, exec position, equity`
    Hi, I am looking for participating in a tech startup either as a co-founder or in an executive position. I have 15 years of experience in the TV, Video and Telecommunication industry in technical and management areas. I have developed a Settop Box UI, done technical integration and system administration and then moved into project management, business and operations development and I have participated in intrapreneurship ventures within a large international organisation. I have five years of e 
    Posted on 21 October 2014
  • Fazal Raheman MD can offer `Equity & Board position` in return for `Funding/Crowdfunding/Angel Investment Assistance`
    We have developed a new disruptive drone technology, and we are looking to raise funds via crowdfunding or angel investment. Here's the link to review of our technology by ZDNet: http://www.zdnet.com/dronies-are-the-worlds-tiniest-autonomous-flying-machines-7000034203/ (watch the video also) And by Mashable: http://mashable.com/videos/3809898985001 You can also visit the website www.drovionics.com If what you see interests you plz contact me. Thanks & Regards, 
    Posted on 09 October 2014
  • Simon Ngu can offer `Dedicated legal advisor, negotiator and strategist for start-up` in return for `Membership in founding group`
    I'm looking to join an inspiring group of founders as a dedicated legal advisor, negotiator and strategist for the start-up. A specialist in finance and corporate law issues, what sets me apart from my colleagues is my down-to-earth business oriented perspective. Whilst my key involvement will be in a legal advisory capacity, I am looking to expand my skills and learn from others in the start-up. 
    Posted on 30 September 2014
  • Dejan Orlac can offer `Product/ industrial design` in return for `Equity, or other negotiable payment``
    I`d like to team up with a potential start-up to develop the next smart technological product innovation. In case you have an idea and would appreciate the expertise and potential partnership of a product designer in making truly useful, aesthetically impeachable, no-nonsense products please send me an email. Maybe we can craft the next big thing together. For more: www.orlachdesign.com 
    Posted on 29 September 2014
  • Nick Muir Chartered MCSI can offer `Strategy, Funding Acquisition, Financial Structuring` in return for `Non Exec Position, Possible Equity`
    Having assisted many start ups over the years and assisted the owners in their financial structuring through my employers I am now keen to offer my services on a consultancy / non exec basis.  
    Posted on 27 September 2014
  • Panagiotis Pomonis can offer `Equity` in return for `Backend Developer`
    We are a startup at an early stage of our development. Our project is to build a digital platform for desktop and mobile devices dedicated to social dining experiences. It will involve event listing and event booking among other features. We are looking for a backend web developer to help us with the product, experience in mobile apps would be a plus . We are ideally looking for someone who shares our passion for food and socializing over food. Working hours are flexible and you can work from  
    Posted on 03 September 2014
  • JasonRadja can offer `Equity for Technical Partner` in return for `Website Developer`
    we are starting up a full service internet advertising network, social media management & digital online publicity firm representing celebrities, artists, bands, entertainment companies, nightclubs, bars, models, sports teams, athletes, shops, studios, salons, fashion & clothing brands, beauty products, small businesses, individuals, large corporate brands and more that specializes in social media, online press and generating revenue.. We pride ourselves not on talk, but delivering massive, tang 
    Posted on 23 August 2014
  • Asmat can offer `Partnership in my start up ` in return for `Technical co founder or partner `
    I am involved in international higher education sector and working on an online platform to facilitate the discovery and admission process for international students to EU universities.I have been involved in the sector for ten years and have built up a network of contacts globally .I can take care of number crunching ,sales ,marketing ,promotions and partnership buliding and raising investment .All I need is a technical person who can act as the CTO of the company .It will be a £ 100 million t 
    Posted on 21 August 2014
  • Amit Gupta can offer `Technological Investment` in return for `I can invest on technology, and looking for sales & marketing investor as a partner for few of my startup ideas.`
    I own software company, and willing to invest my resources as a part of start up team. 
    Posted on 19 August 2014
  • Lennard Maronde can offer `Marketing help with both strategy and execution` in return for `Paid marketing job`
    I am an experienced, technophile marketer with a passion for startups looking to help startups with their marketing. Having already gained startup experience, I can help with messaging creation, audience and segmentation, building a strategy and executing it. 
    Posted on 14 August 2014
  • Mark Croghan can offer `Fund raising assistance, commercial help etc` in return for `Equity (eventually)`
    I'm an independent, experienced finance professional with time available currently to assist somebody. I prefer to work with businesses that I am also considering investing in at some stage (otherwise it's pretty difficult for me to convince others you are a good investment !). I have worked in both startups and large businesses as CFO. For the right business, I'm not looking for equity up-front, i.e, I can be flexible with how we work together. 
    Posted on 13 August 2014
  • bob can offer `Financial Conduct Authority / Prudential Regulation Authority compliance research, public procurement research` in return for `equity and a position of a non executive director`
    Posted on 09 August 2014
  • raf can offer `CTO Technical MVP Concept build` in return for `UI/UX`
    I am an experienced mobile CTO and I looking for a disruptive startup team -  
    Posted on 30 July 2014
  • Matt Fernley can offer `equity` in return for `adviser/co-founder with property sales experience`
    Hi, I'm the founder of a new start-up, Bidforahome, which is a new form of online estate agent. The business has strong growth potential. I am looking for someone with estate agent experience to come in and help out - drop me a line for more information. Thanks, and look forward to hearing from you - Matt  
    Posted on 29 July 2014
  • Christos Symeou can offer `Equity, or other negotiable payment` in return for `Sales support, advisor or co-founder`
    Hello, I'm working on a new startup (you can have a look at our website, www.blupath.co.uk), which will soon be completing development of a new application software that we want to introduce in the museum, gallery, and conference centre market, an entry point from which we later want to develop and expand. I can bring the right individual in as a co-founder, but also work with individuals who can help but can't give that level of commitment, and am willing to discuss equity or other payment.  
    Posted on 14 July 2014
  • Phil Pearson can offer `Digital marketing in Japan, China, UK & Continental Europe. Have language skills & on-the-ground APAC exp.` in return for `iPhone / iPad development wizard`
    I am looking for a Xcode wizard who can build a beautiful visual app along the lines of Fancy or Pinterest for a new B2B / B2C mobile venture. Get in touch for more info! 
    Posted on 24 June 2014
  • Sarah Zimmer Dip DigM MSc BA (Hons) can offer `Coaching, mentoring or/ and equity` in return for `Mobile UI Designer`
    Hi all I am looking for a Mobile UI Designer in exchange of my coaching skills or equity. This is still up for negotiation. Reach out and I tell you all about the project. Let's re-energise the high-street together. Look forward to hearing from you! :) 
    Posted on 09 June 2014
  • Dana Unkovich can offer `Equity` in return for `Tech co-founder(s) - PHP developer AND UI/UX +HTML designer/developer`
    Come join me building a social marketplace platform for facebook groups. The first version of our platform has been built and is up and running with a small user base while I test the concept and refine it. I don't have any further money to invest in development so looking to find one/two tech co-founders who can do the grunt work on the platform to move it forward in return for equity in the business. 
    Posted on 05 June 2014
  • Ruth-Ellen Henry-Ovid can offer `sales and marketing consultation` in return for `Business planning expertise `
    I don't need the expertise I am paying it forward to someone that is in need. I have accumulatedover £100m in sales and marketing revenue and run a startup that helps nuerodiverse people be more successful. I need someone who can spare time to help someone else develop a business plan with a solid cash flow and in exchange I will hive you some insightful online marketing and sales advice for your business. Thanks, your swift response is very much appreciated 
    Posted on 29 May 2014
  • Steve Quirke can offer `join our founding team, including equity` in return for `the Jimi Hendrix of code`
    We are a disruptive, digital sports company with a young, creative team. We have a strong plan in place, that enable each member of our team to be creative and liberated. Over the next 6 months we are set on testing. Currently working with reputable mentors, interested investors and an academic partner for testing our concept. Get in touch. 
    Posted on 26 May 2014
  • Jesus Gumiel can offer `Equity` in return for `UX designs`
    Hi guys, we have a really cool platform consistent on a website, android app and ios app, that needs a new face. We are looking for a designer to be part of the team. More info about the platform www.football-tracker.com 
    Posted on 23 May 2014
  • Simon Marley can offer `Sales Experience` in return for `Equity`
    I'm looking for any software or technology company that needs sales. Initially I would invest my time for a share of equity. I have grown several software businesses. I have the skills, experience and more importantly I know how to sell.  
    Posted on 20 May 2014
  • Phil Pearson can offer `Asia-Pacific / Europe digital marketing insights` in return for `Equity / networking / hourly rate`
    I offer digital marketing insights for Japan, China, UK & Europe. Language skills & on the ground experience in Asia-Pac. 
    Posted on 18 May 2014
  • Yelena Kensborn can offer `Money/Equaty ` in return for `Dev - Urgently `
    Hi guys, we ran into some technical problems and need a dev to add to our team. Please get in touch. x x Yelli 
    Posted on 01 May 2014
  • Nauman M. Maan can offer `Equity` in return for `Mobile Apps UI Designer`
    we are developing a mobile app and can offer equity for a cool UI designer for the app. 
    Posted on 23 April 2014
  • Sergio López-Figueroa can offer `video and online digital marketing` in return for `IP audit and strategist`
    I am looking for an IP strategist interested in becoming a partner whilst helping me with the rebranding of Big Bang Lab and help me with all IP related issues through the process 
    Posted on 15 April 2014
  • Karan S. can offer `strategy, business plan and general business advice/ feedback` in return for `Front End, Back End, Graphic, UX & Web Design`
    Posted on 08 April 2014
  • Alex Whitcroft can offer `Graphic design, UI/UX, photography, connections, vision and road-mapping advice` in return for `Techy / CTO type person for web platform/marketplace development`
    I'm working on a collaborative economy startup called &Share, to allow organisations to share resources. You can get a bit more info at: andshare.co . My background is design and we are now in need of the technical skills to develop the platform. We would love find someone who is a great match to join our team but we are open to chatting about any arrangement. 
    Posted on 21 March 2014
  • Carthew Neal can offer `Feedback` in return for `Feedback`
    Hi there I am looking for feedback on my collaboration calculator that helps start-up founders work out ownership shares of their projects at an early stage. Check out the site here: www.collaborationcalculator.com I would be happy to provide feedback on your projects in exchange. Best Carthew 
    Posted on 13 March 2014
  • Andy Lea can offer `Commercial and go-to-market strategy, LinkedIn ` in return for `Experience of working with start ups`
    Personally I am keen to engage with UK tech start ups and help this sector develop. Professionally LinkedIn are exploring how best to engage and support this ecosystem. 
    Posted on 27 February 2014
  • Adili can offer `payment, business mentoring, database design, python/django development` in return for `part time iOS game developer`
    I am looking code in iOS a series of animated histograms with connected data that can be interacted with by touch. I am probably looking for a person with iOS development skills that understands game interface design, and the mechanics of interacting with onscreen graphics to create animations like the fish eye effect on the Mac OS X dock. Will be happy to discuss payment or part exchange for other services I can offer including buisness mentoring, partnering advice, database design, or ba 
    Posted on 19 February 2014
  • Martin Smith can offer `"Equity"` in return for `Graphic Developer `
    Start-up Zikmusic is looking for a talented and a out of the box thinker to start and develop our reformatting software. Digital Sheet music needs to be graphically reformatted. Will be working with our E Partnership scheme with Faber Music, EMI, Warner Bros, Sony/ATV, Booskey & Hawkes, Kobait, Global and Peermusic sheet music. Interested......... please contact.  
    Posted on 11 February 2014
  • Yelena Kensborn can offer `Negotiable ` in return for `Marketing People `
    Upstart Media is now looking for someone to come on board and help marketing our upcoming live music platform SynQue. Ideally we're looking for someone loud and outgoing with a passion for music. Please DM me for more details x x Yelli  
    Posted on 24 January 2014
  • Armando Vieira can offer `Machine Learning` in return for `Networking`
    Available to run machine learning algorithms on complex data sets that you may have. Classification, regression, recommendation algorithms (mainly R and Python). But please, have you data ready, don't ask me to gather it or clean it myself. 
    Posted on 21 January 2014
  • Marina Atarova can offer `money, advice, connections` in return for `part time social media expert for startup topics`
    we at DS are looking for a part time social media guy/girl. You have to be 'geeky' and 'cool'. In other words, you have to understand your startup audience very well. 
    Posted on 12 January 2014
  • Ian Ginn can offer `Business Development` in return for `App Developers with design experience`
    I focus accelerating start-ups who have an offering relevant to Mobile Operators across Europe. Would be pleased to discuss any relevant innovations.  
    Posted on 30 December 2013
  • NGUYỄN TẤN PHÁT can offer `Web development/Android/iOS development from prototype to complete project` in return for `Business development/Co-founder`
    I am founder/CEO of Enable Startup (enablestartup.com). I would love to discuss with you about what we can exchange together. Let me know at phat[at]enablestartup[dot]com Cheers Phat Nguyen 
    Posted on 23 December 2013
  • Mohammad Adil can offer `Commission` in return for `Sales person`
    I am looking for great sales people who can help me grow my business. Great commission on offer! 
    Posted on 10 December 2013
  • Alisa Dash can offer `Graphic & Web Design` in return for `Lawyer`
    I am an experienced digital designer currently looking for a lawyer with experience in non-disclosure agreements, types of business structure, business incorporation and gambling laws.  
    Posted on 09 December 2013
  • Axel Hellinger can offer `German/Europe legal advice, German tax law, accounting, controlling` in return for `contact with driving startups, maybe seo, marketing`
    As a lawyer and chartered tax advisor I can offer advice in German law, German taxes, accounting, controlling and legal documents or similar topics. If you have an attractive startup idea or you can support me with seo, PR or marketing, feel free to contact me. 
    Posted on 05 December 2013
  • Nick Gemenetzidis can offer `Technology` in return for `UK Travel Sales person`
    Hello, I am looking for a UK travel person who ideally has worked on sales or have contacts in sales to review my website and help bring UK tour operators on board. I am a technology & data analytics expert/consultant who can help review processes, user friendly on websites, technology setup, data capturing & analysis and so on. Thanks  
    Posted on 26 November 2013
  • Taz Hossain can offer `Mentoring` in return for `Graphic designer`
    Experienced company director looking for a little help with some graphics. Can Mentor in return. 
    Posted on 25 November 2013
  • Dan Spinu can offer `Equity` in return for `php Programmer`
    Working-bees.com further development 
    Posted on 18 November 2013
  • Luc DURAND can offer `Marketing and Business dev` in return for `Ruby on Rails dev`
    Hi, I offer, strong and motivated Marketing and Business development hours against qualified Ruby on Rails hours. Luc [email protected] 
    Posted on 09 November 2013
  • Momo Di can offer `Marketing planning plus Shares in my Business` in return for `Web Developer`
    Web Developer Interns to join my StartUp based in London. I am looking for a talented web developer who can analyze, visualize, adapt and able to work in both front end and back end systems. PHP, HTML/XHTML, jQuery, JavaScript, JSON, CSS, AJAX and MySQL.  
    Posted on 03 November 2013
  • Jesus Gumiel can offer `Shares on the startup` in return for `Designer or marketing co-founder`
    We are looking for a designer and a marketing guy to complete the team on our tech startup. The development is done, but we need to improve the Ux and the marketing side. We offer shares on the company www.football-tracker.com 
    Posted on 31 October 2013
  • Kevin Dhami can offer `Finance know-how and advice.` in return for `Strong retail experienced co-founder.`
    Posted on 09 October 2013
  • Yelena Kensborn can offer `Money or Video Production` in return for `Designer `
    Hi everyone. I'm currently looking for a designer to come on board on a short notice to build our live music platform. It has to be someone with previous experience and someone who can create a general feel and artistic flair and have attention to detail. UI/UX experience. In return we offer either payment or any video services you need. We estimate the project to take around 3 weeks. Please contact me with any further questions. Yelli 
    Posted on 26 September 2013
  • Martin Smith can offer `15 years experience Engineering Management, Project Management (general) all areas, ` in return for `Looking to build full working prototype, require advice or mentor regarding funding integration at the pre start-up level. `
    In the first instance we are looking for the above but always open to conversation and so if we can help in any way just ask? As this is a self help platform and start-ups can be a long journey. if we have any experience that can help we will and also visa versa.  
    Posted on 22 September 2013
  • James Parker can offer `Administration, marketing and promotion` in return for `Web developer front and back end, app developer, coder`
    I am looking for assistance with both the front and back end development of my website. Web/app developer and coding. If you are able to help with advice and knowledge, or even funding for this project then please get in touch. I have experience with marketing and promotion, customer services and administration. Thanks 
    Posted on 19 September 2013
  • Thomas Berman can offer `Complete tech (front/back end and mobile - Android/iPhone) tech breakdown` in return for `Marketing / Sales leads`
    I have been writing software for many platforms for many years. You are starting a tech-based startup, and want to employ developers to turn your idea into reality? I can beak down the key components of a tech startup (and mobile) and make sure you get value for your time and money. In return, I am looking for people to generate leads / sales for my venture : www.doyouagree.co.uk Tom 
    Posted on 19 September 2013
  • Ralph Stenzel can offer `Mentoring` in return for `Installing IDS (Intrusion Detection System)`
    IDS / Linux / server guru needed for that 
    Posted on 16 September 2013
  • paul dowling can offer `Test` in return for `Test`
    Posted on 15 September 2013
  • Hari Karam Singh can offer `Gratitude. Plus technical advice for web/mobile app development that might save you a lot of cash and countless hours of head and heartache...` in return for `Quick start-up accountancy advice for someone who isn't a total noob...`
    My startup: http://soundwandapp.com and I also do IT consultancy. I'm not new to Ltd companies and bookkeeping but I've just set up a new company on my own and could use someone with more professional experience than I to bounce a few ideas/issues in a quick phone call or coffee. Happy to pay if that's what it take :) 
    Posted on 11 September 2013
  • paul dowling can offer `mentoring` in return for `Fashion oriented graphic designer`
    Posted on 05 September 2013
  • Guillaume Goujon can offer `Strategy and business plan development advice` in return for `Meeting interesting startups`
    I have 4 years of professional experience in consulting: - 2 years focusing on strategy and business plan assessment (often in a private equity context) - 2 years focusing on innovation management I would be keen to meet and help out start-ups in London  
    Posted on 19 August 2013
  • Alice Nevermore can offer `Videography, UX advice, money` in return for `Immigration lawyer`
    Someone experienced in preparing documents for Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa 
    Posted on 05 August 2013
  • Atiq Rehman can offer `Equity in Business` in return for `Marketeer with SEO, Social and Digital Marketing expertise.`
    Looking for a pro-active marketer with seo, social and digital marketing expertise, will provide equity in return.  
    Posted on 03 August 2013
  • david tedman can offer `Digital design` in return for `Website launch marketing strategy `
    Am looking for help with a marketing / lauch strategy for a new website going live later this year. In return I can offer digital design expertise on anything from re-branding to Flash, from visual assets design and creation to photography and video. 
    Posted on 25 July 2013
  • Vincent ... can offer `SEO knowledge, software, marketing experience. Business orientated focus to make quick money with little resources.` in return for `Someone to help with identifying a good video publisher, like maybe a youtube guru at quick video making`
    Posted on 14 July 2013
  • Nauman M. Maan can offer `Technical Team and Leadership` in return for `Marketing Team Member/Co-Founder`
    I am experienced tech guy in software, Web and Mobile development and need someone to support me in marketing. Looking for co-founders and team members.  
    Posted on 12 July 2013
  • Saul Gowens can offer `Marketing support, Business Mentoring.` in return for `Python / Django developer`
    Looking for development support for some upcoming python based projects.  
    Posted on 11 July 2013
  • Selasie Ocloo can offer `Equity in a growing London-based startup` in return for `Co-Founder & Team Members`
    Looking for technical co-founders with skills covering programming (C/C++, HTML5, Java/Javascript, C#, Objective-C, etc), or, design (Adobe Photoshop, etc.), or database systems (mySQL especially). Ideal co-founders will have a combination of the above skill sets, and have experience working within a mobile development environment. Highly-sought-after: Android or iOS app development experience (from any angle - programming, design, server-side, etc). 
    Posted on 09 July 2013
  • Chris Trotter can offer `Accounting advice` in return for `Designer / Marketeer near London`
    After graduating with BSc in Accounting & Finance in the UK, I moved to London in 2012 to join one of the Big4 accounting firms. Most of my time is spent working with FTSE100 clients, but I regularly attend events around Old Street, and I'm currently working on my own startup. I can help you setup your accounting system, process transactions or answer technical questions on an ad hoc basis. I'd like someone who can occasionally produce great quality images and marketing material related to 
    Posted on 06 July 2013
  • Dubem Menakaya can offer `Social Media Marketing Strategies + Action, Article Writing` in return for `Bespoke Wordpress Designer`
    Need a wordpress designer who specialises in great colours and knows how to make a site for the younger generation. Will help write articles or with your social media. Thanks, Dubem 
    Posted on 04 July 2013
  • Linda Damerell can offer `business start up advice and/or payment` in return for `object orientated design expert`
    Looking for an expert in ERD, Object Orientated Design ideally within GIS environment - paid consultancy 
    Posted on 03 July 2013
  • Linda Damerell can offer `business start up advice and/or payment` in return for `object orientated design expert`
    Looking for an expert in ERD, Object Orientated Design ideally within GIS environment - paid consultancy 
    Posted on 03 July 2013
  • barry smith can offer `Equity in company` in return for `Tech Co-founder`
    I'm looking for a developer/technically minded person for an ambitious music-related start up. Initially, the main priority will be to build a website. I have 10 years international advertising and media experience on the creative and written side. I look forward to hearing from you! Barry 
    Posted on 28 June 2013
  • Noel Byrne can offer `Can offer help with researching a Minimum Viable Product, designing the product based on user analytics, experiements. Can also help with marketing ` in return for `Web developer`
    I am half techie half biz oriented, can help with both aspects, but leaning toward the biz side. Would like to work with co-founders on as many MVPs as possible until we reach a success 
    Posted on 16 June 2013
  • aaron jones can offer `Central London Office Space and Revenue Sharing` in return for `e-commerce Front End Design `
    Fikay is a really cool new fashion startup and we are offering an enthusiastic individual the opportunity to become part of our fast growing vibrant team. We have a office in Essex and Camden, Central London which we would allow you to work from free of charge for as long as you were working with us. You would be free to work on other projects and collaborate with the 40 other creative business. We are looking for a talented web designer with a passion for social justice and visual story tel 
    Posted on 16 June 2013
  • Vincent Dignan can offer `Traffic driving/content writing` in return for `PR Help/list of relevant London startup blogs to contact`
    Am looking to get my online magazine some early press, have lots of ideas and can help with driving traffic/traction/ SEO ideas- we get very large traffic to the site every month, 
    Posted on 13 June 2013
  • paul dowling can offer `connections and advice` in return for `Graphic designer`
    We are looking for a day or two of help with Dreamstake pre-log in home page. 
    Posted on 12 June 2013
  • Tim Davison can offer `Legal advice ` in return for `To meet interesing startup companies`
    I can offer advice on legal documents including those required for establishing companies, funding rounds, joint ventures, acquisitions and disposals (including term sheets or other general company law queries) 
    Posted on 12 June 2013
  • Oli West can offer `Marketing advice and £200-worth of advertising` in return for `App designer (3 days work)`
    We need some mobile designs updated for iOS 7. It should be about 3 days work. We can provide a day's marketing advice and £200 of free advertising on our own ad platform. 
    Posted on 11 June 2013
  • Ekua can offer `Event organisation & Fresh perspectives on startup issues` in return for `Wordpress Tutorials`
    I am looking to learn more about how to get the best out of Wordpress.  
    Posted on 10 June 2013
  • Yelena Kensborn can offer `Video Production` in return for `Marketing `
    Hi guys, I can offer video production for both the web and broadcast. In return I'm looking for a great marketeer! :)  
    Posted on 10 June 2013
  • Sebastien Arbogast can offer `iPhone/iPad native development, Java/Groovy/Grails backend development, business model design (lean canvas, lean startup)` in return for `mobile application design`
    I've been a startup entrepreneur for 2+ years, I have quite some experience with business model design using Lean Startup techniques (customer development, business model canvas, running lean, etc.). I'm also a software engineer with 12+ years of experience with Java, Groovy, Grails, iOS (iPhone/iPad native), Javascript. On the other hand I'm not a designer and I need some help designing a very "different" kind of mobile application, including graphics design as well as UX design. 
    Posted on 06 June 2013
  • Sohail Godall can offer `Social media marketing, product development, lean startup, MVP, product planning, market research, customer feedback/analysis` in return for `Front-end, UI/UX Designer`
    Looking for some help for next season's version of our Real-time Fantasy Football game. Current Beta - www.footballtraderapp.com Front-end, UI/UX designer Roles could potentially be paid. 
    Posted on 04 June 2013
  • paul dowling can offer `Business mentoring` in return for `Front-end Javascript/ajax guru`
    We are looking for someone to fix a specific issue on our platform. Probably less than 2 days work. 
    Posted on 04 June 2013
  • Joshua Eichler-Summers can offer `UX Testing (with the public), UX Design, UX Consulting, Front End Web Development (see http://j-e-s.me/ for example projects).` in return for `Back End Web Development or Money`
    Looking for back end folk to work on random things - or for people who need help with their UX (and want to pay me money!). Thanks! 
    Posted on 04 June 2013
  • Ula Iwanska can offer `how to scale your business, recruitment, headcount and business goals` in return for `social networking site building`
    Can share my knowledge on recruitment and how to scale your business human resources wise for knowledge about website building for purposes of social networking. 
    Posted on 04 June 2013
  • Dave Stewart can offer `Front-end coding skills` in return for `Business development advice`
    Anything front-end, i.e. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery. Been doing this for 15 years, so know my stuff. I do back-end stuff too, but that's more supportive than expert. 
    Posted on 04 June 2013
  • Marcos Nobre can offer `PPC and SEO` in return for `PR services`
    I need someone who knows how to write a compelling press release and actually release it. In exchange I can advice about SEO and Google Adwords. 
    Posted on 03 June 2013
  • Alex McLintock can offer `Text Analytics of Tweets` in return for `Publicity (in terms of demo clients)`
    My start up is a technology firm which aims to retrieve and analyse tweets about particular industries. The aim is to see what things are being talked about and monitor whether those things are growing in popularity, and so on. What we need are real companies who have experience and expertise in a particular industry. What we offer is our text analytics skills 
    Posted on 03 June 2013
  • barry smith can offer `International Advertising Creative and Copywriter` in return for `Website Developer `
    I've got 10 years advertising experience on brands from Coca Cola to Mitsubishi to Heineken to P & G. I originate the concepts, write the campaigns and the adverts. Check out my portfolio here: [email protected] I need a developer to construct an ambitious music website for me. I look forward to hearing from you. Barry  
    Posted on 03 June 2013
  • paul dowling can offer `Potential Startup Clients` in return for `Sponsors`
    Dreamstake is able to provide free services to startups because we have excellent sponsors. In return we give our sponsors the most effective route into the European startup scene. 
    Posted on 03 June 2013
  • paul dowling can offer `Access to Dreamstake members` in return for `Startups lecturers`
    We are always looking for great lecturers We like people who can talk about the startup processes. We can guarantee an enthusiastic audience at LSE which hopefully leads to business for our speakers 
    Posted on 03 June 2013